yuchi_chan (yuchi_chan) wrote,

It examined it in the hospital today.
CT was done because it had not understood though it took an X-ray.
It was not fortunately a breast cancer. ^^;
Because there seems to be a possibility of growing up greatly, it operates and it will have taken it though worry seems not to be needed because the foreign body of a left chest is not a bad thing.TT
I am about a start in June, and it is hospitalized for the operation on around
the tenth from one week.
It is the sixth hospitalization in this, and the second operation.
worries in saying the operation on the chest.
is very sad because the chest becomes small. ^^;;;
I wanted to come to have got big breasts recently. TUT
is decided the operation is to say, and does mentally with misgivings now.
The Internet can be done and it is tedious when hospitalized.
The official of Doremidan and the report with the friend it is not possible to
see cannot be taken away. TT
Because the doctor who operated on me was a teacher who was experiencing
degrees of the operation how many another, it was relieved.
The doctor seems to have operated on his vermiform appendix for the nurse had
been met today. ^^;
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